Die Orangen - Zest - Malka Tuti - 2017

Two Australian Expats Created As Die Orangen The New Genre Krautback With Their Wonderful Mini LP Zest

Die Orangen – What a wonderful name for a band. Zest is the name of the first 5 track mini LP of Die Orangen. Could be there a better name ;-)

Unfortunately we don’t know much more about this band. Two Australian dudes moved to Berlin, and crafted as Die Orangen a sound called Krautback:

“Rooted in indigenous psychedelia, resonating the vast expanses of the island of Gondwanaland, turnt up by progressive cultures, and multiplied by the logic of the German mind.”

As amazing this description sounds as amazing Zest is. These 5 tracks are as deeply rooted in Krautrock as the Krautback might suggest ;-)

Well, in order to end this review properly, I might add this weird, but amusing part of their soundcloud profile:

“Beware the punch of the red kangaroo, a bite from the deadly taipan, the neon stare in a tree-frogs eye, and the bleached siren call of the coral reef – these wild sonic reveries ominously soundtrack the future that nature has in store…”

And btw Zest by Die Orangen is insanely good – Cheers!