Heiko MSO - Magical Mystery Mix - 2017

Before his untimely death, Heiko MSO Recorded A Fantastic Mix, Primarily Driven By Tracks From Labels Such As Ongaku, Playhouse, Klang Elektronik, And Ladomat – PURE PURE PURE BLISS!!!

Before his untimely death, Heiko MSO recorded an fantastic mix for the German movie Magical Mystery. Even though the movie is based on a book by Sven Regener, I’ve seen only average reviews.

But the mix of Heiko MSO is just pure bliss. As Dj, producer, and label founder (Ongaku, Playhouse, and Klang Elektronik), Heiko MSO was an active part of the House and Techno culture of Frankfurt like Ata, Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Roman Flügel

So, Heiko MSO was responsible for almost 10 of 16 tracks of the mix, not as producer but as part of the labels Ongaku, Playhouse, and Klang Elektronik. This was the peak time of Playhouse, Klang Elektronik, and Ladomat, defining the very distinctive House sound of this time. Wonderful!

OMG! The brilliant Playhouse and Klang Elektronik artists Losoul, Soul Phiction, Roman IV (Roman Flügel), Rework, Isolée, Alter Ego, Ricardo Villalobos are amazing. Then Forever Sweet (Reinhard Voigt, Tobias Thomas & Michael Mayer) and Ego Express on Ladomat, puh, and of course Ongaku with Mihon #3. Super super super!!!

If you have experienced this time, you will smile for at least 70 minutes, until you hit rewind. If you haven’t experienced this time, you will smile for at least 70 minutes as well, wondering how cool this sound still is and hit rewind as well.

No fillers, just love love love… ;-)

Photo credit: Hessen unvergessen