Will Samon - Welcome Oxygen - Talitres 2017

With Welcome Oxygen, Will Samson Moved From Ambient Folk To Minimal Soundscapes That Will Catch You And Won’t Release You Until…

It’s getting cold outside, rain is pouring down, everybody is getting sad by the thought that summer is over – and well you know the game – winter is coming ;-(

Well, then it’s time to slow down, find a nice cozy spot on you couch, and listen to some laid back music.

From Ambient Folk to Minimal Folk – Say hello to Will Samson

One artist who will be part of our winter playlist is Will Samson. Will Samson have been releasing a wonderful mixture of Folk and Ambient on Karaoke Kalk a few years ago.

Now Will Samson has returned with just Minimal Folk! While his time in Lisbon he has been recording his newest LP Welcome Oxygen with the limited equipment at hand (including 1x nylon string guitar, 1x valve guitar amp, 1x microphone, 1x keyboard & 3 simple tape machines).

“I could not quite believe it, but I knew that the more honestly I expressed myself, without feeling the need to cover everything in lots of effects or disguise the lyrics in cryptic words, the more easily new music would appear. The ideas came flooding out in the most natural & cathartic way I had ever experienced.”

Welcome Oxygen is probably Will Samson’s most focused work yet

Listening to Will Samson’s older works and comparing them to his latest LP Welcome Oxygen, you get the feeling that Will Samson finally arrived home, a place where he was heading all the years. Even though the LP was produced within two weeks, it sounds so fresh and at the same time mature without being boring.

To absolutely clear: Will Samson’s minimal soundscape will catch you and won’t release you until you hit rewind over and over and over again! And, well, then it’s already spring and we could make plans what we will do…

Image source: TALITRES