Dj Metatron Giegling Traumprinz

Wonderful Flowing Mix By Giegling’s Dj Metatron: “This Is Not DJ Metatron?!!” – Got It?

In 2011 Giegling launched the Traumprinz sub-label for the producer Traumprinz (aka DJ Metatron), releasing a series of 12-inches that has marked him out as an extremely capable exponent of tough and shadowy house music. Dj Metatron is responsible for the latest Giegling mix #7. The mix is called This Is Not DJ Metatron and primarily consists of Traumprinz tracks or tracks Traumprinz remixed. None the less the mix doesn’t get boring! Quite the contrary, Mr. Metatron leverages a fine flowing mix extending from slow house over breaks to techno.

Giegling Mix 07 – DJ Metatron – This is not by Giegling 4 Life on Mixcloud

1. Intro
2. Traumprinz – Untitled
3. Traumprinz – Where Is Home
4. Darling Farah – Aaangel (Traumprinz’
5. Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz’ Over
To The End Remix)
6. Traumprinz – The Journey (Skit)
7. DJ Metatron – State Of Me
8. Traumprinz – There Will Be XTC
9. Traumprinz – 2Bad (DJ Metatrons What
If Madness Is The Only Relief Rework)