Dj Supermarkt Best Works 2017

Yearning For Some Slo-Mo Winter Daytime Disco Action? Then You Should Check Out Dj Supermarkt`s Wonderful Lazy Sunday Afternoon Mix!

Currently we`re heavily influenced by seasonal feelings and behaviors. That means, getting lazy especially on weekends, and listening awkward and obscure music, at least sometimes.

Dj Supermarkt’s Lazy Sunday Afternoon is the perfect example as well as soundtrack for these weekends. His slo-mo winter daytime disco mix is the perfect mixture of obscure pop and disco, always moving on the narrow line of super cheesiness and absolute coolness.

As we`re talking of Dj Supermarkt, you might correctly assume that he won`t cross the boarders of good taste. Rather Dj Supermarkt surprises us with his musical knowledge and strings together wonderful (and sometimes extremely cheesy) tracks by Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, or The Emotions. No fillers kids!

Lean back and enjoy!

Image credits: Best Works